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Masibambane College Governance and Code of Conduct


The College Council is a representative body of various stakeholder groupings of the school including the Anglican Diocese of Christ the King, St John’s College, the Parent Association, the staff, the community outreach programme and Education Africa.


Education Africa Masibambane College

Education Africa

Education Africa acquired the land, sourced project partners and the majority of funding for the buildings, infrastructure and sports facilities of the school. Education Africa also sponsors a number of learners on Scholarships through the Walter Sisulu Scholarship Fund.

stjohns Masibambane college

St John’s College

St John’s College ensures the project’s long-term educational growth through the establishment and maintenance of high academic standards. St John’s College provides critical governance expertise in the form of the Chairing Council as well as the Finance Committee of Council. St John’s also spearheads various supporting projects that are of direct benefit to Masibambane learners including the St John’s Academy and the St John’s Masibambane Teacher Intern Programme.


Anglican Church

The Anglican Church represents the religious aspect of the school.


Parents have an opportunity to volunteer to serve on the Parent Executive Committee from which two parents are elected annually to represent the Parents Association on the Council of Masibambane.