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Masibambane College History

Masibambane College is situated in Orange Farm, a township situated about 50km south of Johannesburg, South Africa. Masibambane College is an Anglican Diocesan school initiated and supported by Education Africa and St John’s College. The school initially started out as a primary school whose construction was funded primarily by the City of Vienna. The year 2010 saw the official opening of the Masibambane College High School whose construction was funded by CEDAR Foundation (Canada).


In the nineties Education Africa approached the prominent political figure Walter Sisulu for  advice on where to build a new school. Sisulu suggested that it be built in Orange Farm, one of the largest informal settlements in southern Johannesburg plagued by poverty, illiteracy, high levels of unemployment and limited resources.

It was through the capital injection of the City of Vienna that the prospect of having a learning institution which also serves to restore the dignity of the community of Orange Farm was born.  Thomas Zilk from Austrian Airlines was responsible for introducing the City of Vienna to Education Africa and with the investment made by the City of Vienna; Education Africa was able to begin the building of Masibambane College Primary school in 1996.

In 1997, Masibambane College opened its doors to just 21 learners. The school only catered for primary school learning and it was only later, in 2010, after a generous donation by the CEDAR Foundation (Canada) that the school expanded to incorporate a high school. It was Education Africa who also then approached St John’s College to assist in getting Masibambane College up and running and later St John’s approached the Anglican Church to also support the school.

Until this day, Masibambane College High School is dedicated to the memory of the late Dr Aggrey Klaaste, former chairman of Education Africa, Helen Suzman who was a Patron of Education Africa, and Walter Sisulu, a great friend and supporter of Education Africa whose vision of a school in Orange Farm inspired Education Africa to source the necessary funding to build the school and establish the key partnerships to ensure its ongoing success.

 DEVELOPMENTAL STAGES OF THE COLLEGE according to Education Africa