Senior Primary

Masibambane College Senior Primary

Mr Bailey Head of Senior Phase_masibambaneHeadmaster : Mr A. Bailey
HOD’s : Mrs A. Mudima (Grade 4 -5) and Mr B. Zvidzai (Grade 6 – 7)
Number of classes : 12
Number of Interns : 1
Class size : 30 – 35 students

Masibambane College Senior Primary: Our girls and boys are making their exciting transition into early adulthood and it is also the beginning of the Intersen phase (Intermediate and Senior Primary).

In our Intermediate Phase, our Grade Four to Grade Six students are encouraged to get to know themselves better through a series of classroom and social experiences and experiments. We endeavour to stimulate our students with CAPS aligned curriculum and an equally supportive school culture.

Subjects include English as the Home Language and main language of learning and instruction. Sesotho and isiZulu are our First Additional Languages and students are compelled to study either one of the two. Other subjects include Mathematics, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Life Skills and Technology.

In Grade Seven, students have mastered a smooth transition into the Intersen phase and are now confidently in their senior primary phase. Still CAPS aligned; the students are progressing into more varied and complex studies which include Economic Management Sciences, Life Orientation and Creative Arts amongst prior offerings such as Mathematics, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Technology. Languages of study remain English as the Home Language of choice and Sesotho or isiZulu as First Additional Languages.